April 4, 2016

This week, we put out some new works on all our shelves. This morning we presented the Corkboard Hammering Work, a new work on our Practical Life Shelf. This work has small shapes with holes in the middle, along with a hammer and small nails. Sammy showed children how to set up the work on a table, and use a small hammer to hammer in nails to attach the shapes to the corkboard. We also talked about how to be safe with the hammer and nails. Sammy explained that the nail wasn't super sharp, though many children wanted to know just how sharp the nail was. During work time, one child told his friend, "I checked it--it's safe!" This is another work where children need to use bilateral control--using both hands together to do different jobs--with one hand holding the nail and the other using the hammer.

On our Sensorial Shelf, we've reintroduced the Knobbed and Knobless Cylinders. Abby showed us how to use these two works together, as they correspond to each other. Using a row of Knobbed Cylinders, Abby showed us how to take all the Knobbed Cylinders out and put in the Knobless. It was interesting to see how the Knobless Cylinders fit perfectly in the row of Knobbed Cylinders!