April 22, 2016

This week, we have welcomed Malcolm into the classroom. It has been so wonderful to see each one of your children's reaction to having him in our classroom. We feed Malcolm daily, so groups of children have been gathering by Malcolm's tank to drop a few pieces into the top of the tank. Other children have been making Malcolm art work to put around the top of the shelf, providing him with "decorations." Children have also been bringing in rocks and shells from there home to drop into his tank (at this point we might be at capacity putting them in the tank) or putting them around the tank as another form of decoration.

Small groups of children continued telling stories this week that take place in a coral reef. Small group storytelling has been such a rich experience for the children--it has given them a chance to take the facts and information we've learned to create a fantastical story. It has also pushed children to listen and respond to each other. As children take turns adding to the story in small groups, they debate over whether or not different elements that get introduced into the story make sense. When we return from break, we will move forward in the writing process as we take these stories and make illustrations so that we can turn them into class books!

Here is one that was told today: 

"The Shark Ate Coral"

Once upon a time, there was a coral reef. And a shark ate a part of the reef. And then a fish came along and said, "I'm gonna eat you up!" And then they chased each other. The shark sneezed it out. The fishes say that they're gonna find more food. A scuba diver came and put more fish food in the ocean. And then the scuba diver went back up shore and he saw a shark and the shark ate the scuba diver. The coral reef has a shark in it and then the reef has a lot of holes for the sharks to see them and they all get eaten up. Then the shark sneezed all of the things in the ocean all up. And there was a fisherman and he killed the shark. The fisherman decided, "I'm not going to kill the shark! The shark is nice!" And the shark says, "It's my birthday today." And the fisherman loved the shark and hugged him. And the shark realized that it wasn't his birthday, in August it was. The shark says that it's gonna kill all the tiny sharks but not the medium sharks because the medium sharks are the moms. And then an alligator comes and eats the shark.

Here are photos from today's work time. Have a great break!