April 21, 2016

Today, a group of children in the Purple Room worked together on a collaborative drawing. In the Atelier, these children worked together to draw a coral reef. They talked to each other as they drew, and also included labels to name the different elements of the drawing. They thought about the reef itself, including the many types of coral we've been learning about, as well as animals, plants, and divers that might be in and around the reef. When we get back from break, we'll begin the final phase of our investigation, which will provide opportunities for children to synthesize their knowledge and show what they've learned. Today's activity allowed children to review, remember, and represent what we've learned about coral so far, and we're excited to begin our culminating project about sea life in May!

This week, we have been reading our first chapter book! The book we have been reading is Here We All Are by Tomie DePaola. Everyday before reading the book, we remind ourselves what we read the day before before beginning that day's chapter. We've been reading one chapter a day, and after we read, we give children the opportunity to summarize the chapter and relate the story to our own experiences. The story is about a boy, Tomie, in kindergarten who has just recently moved to a new house on 26 Fairmont Avenue. In many of the chapters Tomie describes his experiences in school, many similar to our own in the Purple Room. Children love hearing about how Tomie paints, takes dance class, and has rest time (which he really doesn't like--just like some children in the Purple Room!). Tomie also just learned that he's going to get a baby sister, and we're excited to learn how he deals with this change in his family.