April 7, 2016

This week in the Purple Room we've started a bee study. This was inspired by a student's comment about how he thought beehives might be similar to birds' nests during our birds' nest study.  We've been busy at work learning about hives, hexagons, pollen, worker bees, queen bees. We've looked at pictures, watched some short videos and started to build hexagonal cells and fill them with the things bees fill their cells with: nectar(honey), pollen, and eggs/larvae. We did an experiment where we wrapped tape around the fingers of some latex gloves and then pretended our hands were bee legs visiting a flower, just like we saw in one video. Kids observed how their "legs" picked up balls of "pollen" (yellow and orange pom poms) Students have approached this project with a lot of curiosity and imagination. There is much fascination with the queen bee, the fact that all the worker bees are female and the number of flowers the bees must visit to make one teaspoon of honey (5,000!). Of course, having a taste of honey at the end of work time is a much anticipated treat! We are working on making cells on a community hive wall. 

This morning in our reflection meeting, we had a discussion about our field trip! For the next three days we will be discussing what we will be doing, and what we think we will see when we get to the aquarium. We counted how many days we had until we went to the aquarium and how it is going to be on a Saturday with all of our families.

Today our list of what we thought we were going to see consisted of:

- penguins

- coral reefs

- fish

- shark

- octopus

- sting rays, mommy sting rays

- barracuda

- divers

- jelly fish

- living things

- dead things

Here are some work time photos!