April 19, 2016

In math this week, we're using manipulatives to help us complete an addition worksheet. Children were given their choice of counting manipulatives (bead bars, unifix cubes, stones) to model and then solve simple addition problems. This activity gave children a chance to practice different skills--counting, addition, and writing numbers. The children also love completing worksheets like this one. They remind some children of their older siblings' homework!

Today we decided to represent our ideas about coral through different media. We had a group make a coral reef with clay and another group represent coral with blocks. Looking through our favorite coral reef book, children pointed out the different types of coral and made several different kinds of coral with the clay. They made finger coral, cup coral, plate coral, and brain coral, studying the illustrations as they pinched, pulled, and rolled the clay to make the coral. They also thought about different types of organisms that might live on the reef--they made seaweed, fish, and anemones!