April 15, 2016

Many of you already know that we got a fish for a class pet this week! We spent the first half of the week preparing our fish tank so that it would be ready for a fish. We had a big discussion about all the things that the fish would need for its home. We remembered the essentials that we talked about yesterday--pebbles, water, and fish food--but one child wondered where the fish would sleep. He thought we should put a small building in the tank that the fish would sleep in. Another child who has a fish at home explained that fish don't need a building to be its home since the tank is its home. The child pressed further--but how will the fish sleep in the water, then? We'll seek to answer this question as we spend time taking care of and observing our fish. We also talked about how we'll take care of the fish--we learned that we need to give the fish a little bit of food twice a day. On Thursday, when Sammy and Abby brought the fish in, children were excited to see it and noticed its color--blueish silver--and its small size. We learned that it is a boy (the males are brighter colors than the females). Here is a list that we've brainstormed of possible names:

Sting Ray


Green Sparkle




Fluffy racer





Rainbow Heart Butterfly






We also continued learning about coral this week, and children studied and drew pictures of the different types of coral. We used the book Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons to find out about different types and then used the iPad to find more pictures and learn more facts. Children worked hard to look closely at the photos and make an accurate representation in their drawings. Through studying the photos, children noticed the colors and shapes that they needed to include in their drawings.