April 14, 2016

In science, the Purple Room has been learning more about bees, their hives and their honey. Most kids are familiar with the words "nectar" and "pollen" and even "larvae" but have been delighted to see how bees organize their hives and have a place for each element of their lives: 

In the above photo, the hexagonal wax cells hold colorful pollen (the red, orange and yellow lighter colored cells) nectar that is on its way to becoming honey (the darker golden cells) new worker bee larvae (the whitish cells) and capped honey (finished honey covered with wax - the lighter yellow cells that look "closed"). these are the things we have been including in our community hive and in kids personal work that they are bringing home.  Folding hexagons from stiff paper has been a particular area where kids have found a lot of self confidence and pride in their work. The hexagons fit together in such a delightful way! This work (especially the honey tasting!) has seemed to inspire love and gratitude for our honeybee friends in the Purple Room. 

We've been watching this video (from 4:00 to 5:10) and this one (from 1:56 to 3:45) to help us see more closely how bees do their work.