April 13, 2016

This week, the Book Making Work has taken the Purple Room by storm! Today a couple children wanted to make books, and then this interest mushroomed and nearly half the class worked on making their own books on coral. Our investigation has led the children to develop a solid understanding of nonfiction books, and so the books that children have been making during work time tend to fit into this genre, and are filled with illustrations and corresponding facts.

Today our block builders talked and planned before their build. They decided to build the aquarium, and thought about what they had seen at the aquarium visit this past weekend as they drew their plan. They talked and included in their plan three different tanks, each for different animals that we saw, and then they began building. As they builded, they realized that in order to best represent our field trip through blocks, they needed to include themselves in the structures! They thought about how they would do this--they wondered if they should use animals in place of people, since we don't have people figures in the classroom. Sammy heard the group's problem and taped photos of children's faces to small blocks, which children used as part of their game. The children, of course, each took the block with their photo and played a game in which they were diving into the shark tank. We're excited to see how different groups of children use this new provocation in the block area later this week!