April 12, 2016

In the afternoons this week, we've taken time to reflect upon our field trip to the New York Aquarium. Children have been presenting their trip sheets to their friends, showing the group what they saw at the aquarium, and then we've been putting up these sheets in gallery spaces. It seems like major takeaways from the trip were getting to see fish, coral, stingrays, and sharks up close. Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a closer look at coral--the different types, the animals that coral houses, and exploring the children's questions and curiosities about this fascinating animal.

The Purple Room children came into the classroom this morning to find a mysterious contraption on one of the tables. Everyone was curious about what this thing could be, and during our Reflection Meeting, Abby asked the group what they thought it was for. Children hypothesized: 

"Maybe it could be a blender that has been cleaned out."

"I think it's a container with wires."


"I think it is the inside of a car."

"It could be for experimenting with"

"It's for an electric fish?"

The idea of "electric fish" got some children thinking about fish, and one when child guessed that it was a tank, we finally figured out that it was a fish tank! Our discussion then turned to how we can prepare the tank and get the fish's home ready. One child suggested, "Maybe we could fill it up with water," and someone else noted, "There's no food in it for fishes to eat!" Another child thought that we needed "water and coral" to get it ready, and a child who has a fish at home said that we need, "A fake plant, pebbles and sand below the pebbles."