April 11, 2016

This morning a group of children were working at a table with unifix cubes. As they were working together, they started measuring each of their lines of unifix against each others by saying, "Let's make them the same amount!" "Let's make this one bigger!" As they continued to do this, we asked them if they wanted to see how long it would be if they connected them all together. A child responded, "It won't be as long as the 100 foot whale!" We asked, "what sea animal would it be as big as?" This inspired children to measure a unifix line and see what size animal it resembled.

This group put the unifix next to the tape line symbolizing the length of the dolphin first and realized that it was too short, so they moved the line of unifix cubes to the dusky shark.

After the realized that the line of unifix cubes were the exact length of the Dusky Shark, they began to count the cubes to see how many there were.

In math this week, children are continuing their work on 11-20 packets. This has been an interesting exercise in both math and attention span for the Purple Room children. The packets require children to trace, write, and draw out quantities for each number, which is a lot of steps. Children have been exploring different ways to complete the work--some children have been choosing to just work on the first page, making a plan with a teacher to finish it later, while other children have been completing it in one work period. Through this work, children are working on their number writing skills as well as their understanding of teen numbers.