April 1, 2016

Recently, the question "What is the biggest animal in the ocean?" came up. Since we've been measuring various sea animals over the past weeks, we decided to add the answer into the activity: it's the blue whale. Blue whales can span up to 100 feet, which is way bigger than the length of the Purple Room, where we've been doing the rest of the measurements. So this week we measured the whale at the playground. Kids took turns holding the tape measure and making marks every 12 feet to keep track (the tape measure only extends to 12'). The finished measurement spanned almost the whole width of the playground!

The measurement also allowed for a chance to do some counting and number writing (we labeled each 12 foot increment), and when we came back to school, some kids decided to use the Hundreds Board to add up 12 + 12 over and over until they got to 100. 

Today, Abby presented a new sensorial work: an extension used the Knobless and Knobbed Cylinders. Purple Room children used these two materials at different times this year, but this week, we decided to put them out together to be used in a new way. Children are asked to find the correct size Knobless Cylinder to put in the Knobbed Cylinder block. After our presentation, there was a rush to use these materials! Children were interested to try the different colored and sized Knobless Cylinders and to notice how they fit into the Knobbed Cylinder Blocks, as well as the design that they made when they were outside of the block.