September 27, 2017

Storytelling takes many forms--telling/listening to stories is an important part of our day in the Green Room. During our meeting times, we often share a storybook. But this week, quite spontaneously during morning meeting the children narrated a shared story. What started with a question--"What was that sound? (a bang in the Blue Room)?"--turned into a exciting tale with a crocodile and dinosaur, not knowing our school rules, knocking over block structures and eating Purple Room children! It was exciting to support the children in this type of storytelling because it requires their sustained attention and careful listening.  

Another way we support storytelling is through play. This week, while building with Legos we noticed some exciting play occurring. Wanting to know more about the nature of the play we asked some open-ended questions. The group shared a story involving an astronaut rocketing off into space where "we eat, we play, and we dance together!"

We also support storytelling with the child's drawings. Children are often eager to show their work to a teacher, proudly declaring, "Look what I made!" Following up with some simple open-ended questions allows them the opportunity to tell a story. 

We look forward to continuing to support the children's storytelling abilities in the Green Room! 

It was raining, there was a storm! This is the wind and this is the sky.