November 21, 2016

**Brr!! Now that it is (finally) feeling more like winter, we wanted to remind families about winter dressing. We try to go outside every day--on bitterly cold days, we will still try to go outside for a shorter playground trip or a walk around the block. Please send your child in a warm winter coat, with a hat, and gloves/mittens (scarves are also a good idea) so that they can have a warm and fun time outside!**

Block building continues to be a popular activity both in the Blue Room and Green Room. Many of the children have been particularly interested in building vertically. As they build in this way they are exploring concepts of balance and gravity. When children first begin building vertically they often place one block on top of the another haphazardly. This often results in the tower toppling over. 

In moments of success and failure we ask questions and make observations about the child's work. These moments provide an opportunity for reflection on learning. A teacher might say, "How did you get that long block to balance?" or "You have learned to carefully place you blocks on top of one another." Offering children a chance to verbalize their process can illuminate for them which techniques lead to stability so that they might use that technique later.