May 2, 2017

**Reminder: Now that it is warming up, please remember to put sunscreen on your child before school!**

This spring we have been playing a lot of new games in the Green Room, even ones the children create themselves. One game they have enjoyed is a memory game called, "Who's missing?" We start by sitting on the rug all together in a circle. The children close their eyes while the teacher quietly chooses one child to leave the group and hide behind a shelf. The group opens their eyes and tries to figure out who is missing. All the children have been very excited about this game. They enjoy the hiding and guessing. The rules of the game are: no peeking, and no yelling out guesses. Very hard things for excited 3-year-olds! 

For the children these games are just fun, but teachers view them as opportunities to develop important attributes including patience (turn taking) and impulse control (raising your hand over calling out). Enjoy the video of the children talking about how we play the game. 

Password for the video is ilikerhp.