March 21, 2016

Today was a busy day in the block area for the Blue and Green Room children. Laura sat with a few children in the block area to plan out what they would build in space. One child suggested building a house, while another child suggested building a spaceship. Then another child in the group exclaimed, "We can build a house spaceship!" Most of the group was on board with this idea and got to work. Their challenge was to build only with blocks until the spaceship was complete, at which point they could add other non-block accessories. Two children worked together to build the "Running skills" part of the spaceship where one of them demonstrated running on a treadmill. When Laura asked him what a "running skills" part of the spaceship is, he responded, "It's where the astronauts practice their running skills." 

Another child added an old laptop to the spaceship and built a "roof" for it to stay safe. Several of the children took turns sitting in the designated "typing space" working on the computer. When Laura asked the group what astronauts use computers for in space one child responded, "They use it to type to Earth guys!" 

One child stacked a large wall of blocks as the food in the spaceship. She then began standing up butter blocks and exclaimed, "These are the carrots!" When she learned that other children had begun building a kitchen and stove to cook some food she excitedly brought over her carrots one by one. She handed her carrots and ice cream blocks to the cooks as they placed the food in the stove made of curve blocks.