March 2, 2017

This week in small groups, we've been drawing pictures of meat eating dinosaurs during morning work time. Today and tomorrow the Green and Purple Room children will be voting on which meat eating dinosaur we would like to focus on building out of different materials in the next several weeks. In order to gear up for this vote we are having children focus on one meat eater of their choice, drawing the body and any details they would like to add. We encouraged the groups to focus on specific details about meat eating dinosaurs. We asked them questions like, "Does your dinosaur have sharp teeth or flat teeth?" "Does it walk on four legs or two?" to encourage them to add details of their dinosaur which they have learned about in the past several weeks. "I'm gonna draw some mushrooms near my dinosaur!" "Mine has sharp sharp teeth!" "Mine has lots and lots of claws" are a few of the many things overheard during this activity. 

Below are pictures of some of the drawings, enjoy and stay tuned to see which meat eater the Green and Purple Rooms vote to begin building next week!