June 9, 2017

We're looking forward to seeing you all at the Exhibition next week! It's open M-F from 8:30-9:00 and 3:15-6:00. Before you visit, please download the Aurasma app to your phone, create a login and password, and follow us here to unlock short videos linked to images on display.

This week in the Green Room we have been talking a lot about school ending soon and summer coming in a few weeks! We have begun the conversation with the children about some feelings they might be having as school comes to end, such as feeling excited, happy, sad, frustrated, worried, or not knowing exactly how they are feeling. We asked the Green Room what part of their summer plans they were most excited about and how they are feeling in general about school ending. Here is what some of the children had to say:

"I'm excited for summer when I have ice cream."

"I'm sad about summer coming because I don't like when school ends."

"I'm excited for summer and of going to my new school after summer."

"I'm happy that summer is coming because I love the purple and pink and blue flowers."

"I'm excited when I have icies!"

"I'm excited for summer because you can blow dandelions."

"I'm excited to move to my new house."

"The yellow leaves."

"We have big dandelions in my backyard and when it's summer they're gonna grow to bloom."

"My birthday!"

"To come back to school for camp."