June 22, 2016

This week, we are gearing up for the last days of school! We have been working hard to clean out our classrooms and put all of our work away (which sadly includes taking down all of the planets from the multipurpose room). While we're working on this, don't forget to check cubbies throughout the week for work we're sending home. 

Kids have also been spending some of their work time on special, end-of-year cooking projects! Each day this week, kids have been squeezing lemons to make lemonade for our Goodbye Meetings. Today, kids were chatting while making lemonade, and decided that they wanted to make strawberry lemonade. We didn't have strawberries on hand, so we settled on blueberry lemonade which turned out to be a nice shade of pink. It was delicious!

Tomorrow and Friday, we will also be making and decorating space-themed cookies to celebrate all of our investigative work from this year. We're excited to reflect on the year with the kids, but we're so sad it's coming to an end! To help kids process the feelings and confusion that comes with this time of year, we made a book about the end of the year that has sparked some dialogue about end of year feelings. Feel free to download and read it with your child, or ask them about our "Goodbye Calendar" to help track the number of school days left in the year. We hope to see you all on Friday for the End of Year Celebration!